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    Peacock Foam….The Beginning

    What is peacock foam anyway?  Peacock foam is a Marker for the tractors in the field.  When I say tractors I mean the farming type of tractors.  The John Deere  type.  The ones that can haul good sized equipment and cost more than most folks houses. It is a farmers lively hood when it comes to crop and heavy farm work.  When you are out in the field in a 2 ton machine you can exactly turn a dime and it’s hard to predict the right time to make the turn into the next row.

    So the Peacock Foam does a couple of things

    1.  It allows you to mark the last couple of hundred feet and when you should start getting ready to turn.  Basically it is like man made street sign for the farmers.
    2. It allows you to mark obstructions that are in you way.  From large rocks to the nice wood fence that http://www.KCFenceCompany.com built.  Nobody like to have to fix things if they can be avoided.
    3. The foam can me used in any color that you think would be best.  Their many different option you can choose.  Red, Yellow, green, orange etc…Basically the color of the rainbow.3
    4. The best part is that this can last up to 2-8 hours depending on conditions.  Obviously rain would wash it a way, but this is ideal conditions it will last up to 8 hours.

    Well that is helpful of what it does, but I still don’t know what it is.

    1.  It is a biodegradable foam that sticks to the leaves of the plants.   This is crucial during the spraying season.  It allow the farmer to measure his progress.  Beacause he can measure his progess he is able to save time an resources.  Resouces you won’t have to use more spray and can save time which will keep you from going over the same spot twice
    2. Imagine that with each row as long as a mile going over it a couple time just added about 30 min to the job.

    Ok what is it made of?

    It is made up of the materials of the earth which God Provided.  So once it is used up it goes back to the earth to be recycled.   It is a natural substance. Basically honey with a little bit of food coloring.

    Please feel free to contact and stay tuned to our post with more information and example that can help save you time, money and crops.


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